Friday, August 16, 2013

Dirty Little Secrets

Come on, admit it.  You have them.  Who doesn't?

Are you a double agent PvP'er who slinks around one capital city, waiting to hear of a raid on the others and hop over to the other side to get the drop on them?  Are you an altaholic of the highest order, with a max level toon in each class and profession?  Are you a gold goblin who loves raking your competition across the coals?  You can tell me, I won't judge you.

I have a whole closet just stuffed with skeletons screaming to come out.  Remember the Poe story of the Telltale Heart? Yeah, that's my closet.  So here I am, bearing my dirty little secrets to you.  Be warned, I will be using amazing exaggerations, gross generalizations and overstatements throughout sharing these with you. 


Every healer knows the “joy” of questing.  Whether to level up or to complete dailies for reputation, most of us have to do it at one point or another.  Back in the day, before the introduction of dual specs, we had the choice of either (painfully) levelling as a healer or paying the (somewhat steep...especially for your first toon) price to continuously respec between questing and dungeon runs. These days questing is a lot easier on healers, with dual specs coming so inexpensively and the advent of LFG.  My dirty little secret about questing is even with the fact that I have an offspec, I'm abysmally bad on it. When I have to quest, I force my darling warrior husband to help me.  I admit I am not above using my feminine charms to convince him to drag me through yet another round of godawful dailies just so I can get some silly mount or title. When that fails, I threaten to withhold raid heals. Any port in a storm, right?


Resto Druids are supposed to be PvP GODS…right guys?  Right?!  Well…perhaps.  Not me.  I'm not sure if Blizz turns my character neon pink the moment I step in to a PvP hootenanny or if it's the simple fact that about two healers per seven hundred Alliance PvPers show up, I die - constantly.  I spend more time chatting with the spirit healer in the course of a BG than I do alive.  The only way I can survive more than ten seconds with a Horde player in range of smacking me around is if I am in kitty form, stealthed and hiding under a bush. I fell into an abyss of despair working towards my legendary cloak when I realized I would have to not only step foot in, but also WIN in TWO different PvP zones.  Again my warrior tank hubby came to my rescue and helped me to get through it without having a nervous breakdown in the middle of it.

Funniest part about this?

I LOVE playing League of Legends and couldn't care less if I am constantly dead...though I do tend to stay alive more frequently than in WoW.... 

Off Spec

Short, simple and to the point.  The only reason I have boomer as my offspec is because I love the Glyph of Stars.  I look awesome.  That is all.

Lesser Coins

Because of my above confession about the method I use for questing, I frequently struggled to have my 50 lesser coins each week.  Until I discovered (drum roll please)....PET BATTLES.  Oh yes.  They are my bread and butter for my lesser coins these days.  I could spend an hour doing dailies or about seven doing pet battles for the coins....and I go the route of pet battles.  Indy the Snake, iPinch the Crab, and Veedub the Beetle are my constant companions.  Bring it.  Why waste an hour when I can waste seven?!?!  Seriously, pet battling is a true guilty pleasure and a part of me wants to hide in shame every time I pop an achievement for it.   Next thing you know I'll be logging in at two AM just so I can get my pet battle on without anyone in guild seeing my disgrace.

Valor Capping

I seem to only cap out on Valor in a week accidentally.  A few weeks ago I noticed a buff I don't usually have, and after close investigation I saw that it was from hitting the valor cap.  Who knew it was possible?!  Even worse, I really am a bad raider.  Terrible.  Awful.  I should be hung from the nearest tree.  Why?  Because there have been multiple times where I missed out on valor because I didn't spend it.  Go ahead.  Judge me.  I deserve it.  

Challenge Modes

I have started venturing into challenge modes recently.  I don't do it for the valor (though it is a nice bonus).  I don't do it for the prestige.  I don't do it because I particularly enjoy it really.  Sure, it's a serious challenge that seems to make me really use my toolbox.  A minor motivator is because some of my guildies want to dip their toes in and rack up the titles and achievements.  Me?  I do it for the mount.  That's right, the reason I do this is because of the pretty phoenix once I finish 9/9 silver.  I don't particularly like grinding for anything, but wave a mount or a neat title in front of me and I might just do it.  (The Diplomat is my most recent example...if I have to kill another ogre in Nagrand ever again it will be too soon.)

Hoarders of Azeroth

A picture is worth a thousand words.  

If there was a reality show called Hoarders of Azeroth, I would be its spokesperson.  When my bags are so stuffed I can't fit a 'lock cookie in it, I agonizingly root through my bags to get rid of stuff.  My thinking is that HEY I COULD USE THAT SOME DAY!!!  I can't tell you the number of times I've despondantly gone through my bank and bags with my husband and tried to justify keeping things.  I have quest items from quests that don't exist any more!!  Not only is my main toon's bank and bags stuffed to overflowing, but nearly all my alts are in the same position – even with not one but TWO toons who are bankers with three or four guild bank tabs full of junk.  

For shame, Bells.  For.  Shame.

So now it's confession time.  Speak up.  I know that you have some dirty little secrets lingering about.  Spill 'em in the comments!

Until next time, long days, pleasant nights, and happy Raiding.

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